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November 27, 2013 The Power of Pink

Have you ever had something surreal happen to you? Something that in a million years you never thought could happen to a regular person like you? Or to me – a retail employee and not so well known blogger from Staten Island. Well guess what, sometimes when you least expect it, the most unbelievable thing falls right into your lap – or into your comments spam.

For my avid followers who know my posts, I was posting different things in October as I usually do to promote awareness. I had just posted about mammo-graham cookies that my cousin Missy had told me about. Just last week I was checking my email and came across a comment on my mammo-graham post. The comment had come from a producer of the Dr. Oz show who was asking me to appear on an upcoming segment about health related sweets.

I was literally in shock for about an hour or two. I was frantically writing emails back and forth with the producer asking any question that raced through my head. My biggest concern was taking credit for a treat that wasn’t mine to share. She liked that I had a personal connection to breast cancer so we figured out something for me to say to not take credit for it.

Still in shock the next day, I had to switch my work schedule to be able to go. Not to mention I had only a few days to test out the recipe for mammo-grahams which I had never previously made. So Monday was the test run, which came out exceptionally good. But that still didn’t shake my nerves.

Tuesday, my girlfriend Lex helped me prepare the ones I would be bringing on the show. In those few days, I also managed to buy a brand new outfit, complete with a bright pink button down shirt. Mom kept telling me to check if someone was trying to scam me. Since Lex had work, and mom was upstate, I took a chance at asking my brother to come with me. Traveling to the city alone was freaking me out, not to mention appearing on national television. Luckily he had off and agreed to go on this wild adventure with me.

Wednesday, the day of taping, I was a wreck. I packed up my unassembled mammo-grahams and got dressed way too early. I left my hair in a messy bun because the producer assured me I would have hair and makeup done. My brother and I drove into the city and I had to remember to take breaths every so often. Mom was nervous for me which was making me want to throw up even more. We got to ABC studios almost an hour early and wound up sitting on a bench around the corner.

At 1 o’clock, I went inside, leaving Paul at the front of the line of audience members. I was given a sticker that said Dr. Oz and the date and was brought up to my own dressing room. I met with the producer who had been emailing me and the other girl who was to appear on the segment with me. We were both laughing at how unreal the situation was.

I went into hair and makeup and asked the makeup artist nine million annoying questions that she really didn’t want to answer. Then I decided to shut up and let her transform my stress pimpled face. My hair and makeup were done in about 15 minutes then it was back to the dressing room to wait.

A short time after that we were brought to the studio floor to set up our treats for the prop people. We had to plate them on the table that we would be standing behind with Dr. Oz. Then back to our dressing room to wait some more. The waiting was overwhelming.

After we were given our mics, we were told to sit backstage and watch the other segments being filmed that day. I watched my brother in the front of the audience and I couldn’t stop my leg from bouncing. My fear of public speaking had come back with a vengeance. I was drowning in sweat.

All of a sudden it was our turn. If it’s possible, I thought my heart had stopped beating. We walked through a huge blue curtain, and then a door, and right onto the set of the Dr. Oz show. I turned around to wave at Paul who was smiling at me, probably because he knew I was about to crap my pants. They set us up behind the table, and all of a sudden my mind went blank. I had bright, hot lights in my face and camera crew giving me directions. When Dr. Oz walked up to me and shook my hand, I don’t even remember if I was breathing. He quickly studied the script and all of a sudden the cameras were rolling. I don’t even remember much of what I said. And then I stood there smiling while he spoke to the other girl. Then we cut, I shook his hand and thanked him, and we were brought off set. Quicker than a Band-Aid.

We grabbed our stuff from the dressing room and I got downstairs just in time to meet Paul in front. We talked about everything the whole ride back to the ferry. He said I did a great job. He dropped me at the ferry just in time for Lex to meet me and take me out for dinner.

The whole day was unreal. I am used to a routine of working, school, and running errands. I have been in the local paper three times, but that never could have prepared me for this. I felt like I was in a dream. But then back to reality and back to doing what I love; this blog.

If you would like to see my national television debut, hear my actual voice instead of reading it through my words, the show airs December 4th on Fox 5.

I would like to thank (J), Dr. Oz’s producer for choosing me out of millions of people, Dr. Oz for giving me a means to spread awareness a little further, and I would like to thank my girlfriend, my family and friends for their outrageous love and support.


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  • 1. avachin  |  December 2, 2013 at 8:00 pm

    So proud of you Nicole. You look great! Can’t wait to see the segment.

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